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Jac couplings

Jac company have been supplying high-quality industrial power transmission couplings not only in the Korean domestic market but also in the major industrial countries including Japan, China. Our business philosophy is based on a long-term approach and we are dedicated to providing customers service and satisfaction.


JAC couplings


jac couplings gear coupling.jpeg

Gear Coupling

Jac gear couplings basically conformable to the "Gear Type Shaft Couplings" specified by KS(Korea Standard) and other standards are further engineered to have them display higher performance by making the best use of its year's technical experience and accumulated field experiment. With the capacity of handling heavy load, Jac gear couplings are much smaller and lighter than any other couplings. Noise or vibration is hardly produced even in high speed operation.

jac couplings disc-coupling.jpg

Disc Coupling

Lubricating oil is unnecessary because the Jac disc coupling has no sliding, frictional, or moving parts. Therefore, there is no friction or noise, and energy loss is low, with no dirty oil to cope with.


Higher torsional and no backlash.
For equipment such as machine tools with numerical controllers, indexing system, and printing machines requiring accurate shaft rotation and phase control, Jac disc coupling are best suited because of their high torsional stiffness.

jac couplings grid coupling.jpg

Grid Coupling

We can get more favorable convenience and cost down by using the Jac grid coupling.

jac couplings rubber coupling.jpg

Rubber Coupling

Jac rubber couplings are easy to install and fit by eliminating most vibration, they also eliminate most noise, to improve working conditions and lengthened machine service life. Even under severe conditions, they require absolutely no lubrication. They simplifies design especially in the case where shaft vibration could particular problems.

jac couplings tire coupling.jpg

Tire Coupling

The Jac tire coupling using natural compounds makes couplings suitable for use in most conditions. Handle combinations of parallel, angular and axial displacements. Installation is quick and easy . No special tools needed. Reduce torsional vibrations. Absorb shock loads. After installation. Eliminates the need for lubrication. No dismounting needed for inspection of components. damping. Reducer vibrations and torsional oscillations.

jac couplings jaw coupling.jpg

Jaw Coupling

Jac jaw couplings are torsionally flexible and designed for positive torque transmission. They are puncture-proof. Operational vibrations and shock are efficiently attenuated and reduced. Setting and repairing is easy.

jac couplings muff coupling.gif

Muff Coupling

  • Muff coupling is designed as a dividing structure, therefore, it is easy to assemble, disassemble and removal from the shaft.

  • The system is fixed, therefore, there no backlash. because of a modified design, it transmits more torque. Much better than any other coupling.

  • Basic construction; Designed to insert the key(way) to the clamp accordingly.

jac couplings wire-drum-coupling.jpg

Wire Drum Coupling

The Jac Wire drum coupling is designed for installation in drum drive of crane and conveying system. The Wire drum coupling can be used in the very difficult and rough operating conditions of iron and steel works and continuous heavy load operation in shore cranes. With compact design and capable of transmitting large radial load, enjoy longer life and minimum loss of power angular misalignment can be allowed up to 1.5˚. With design of decreasing slip movement of rollers by construction of minimum backlash between crowned rollers and cylindrical bores, the relative movement between rollers and bores, which is cause of wear, is considerably reduced due to the natural movement of drum In the transmission of power, a stamping hardness of the rollers profile is produced, with which higher wear resistance is achieved

jac couplings wind turbine coupling.jpg

Wind Turbine Coupling

Power transmission from gearbox to generator Accommodation of axial misalignment Electrical isolation between gearbox and generator Prevention of overload

jac couplings composite coupling.jpg

Composite Coupling

The material of JAC composite coupling is safe from being rusty. Factory Workers can install and replace it easily because of the light weight Compensation function for the big misalignment is allowed through the long fatigue life and the high flexibility of JAC composite coupling.

jac couplings elastomeric coupling.jpg

Elastomeric Coupling

JAC Coupling supplies various types of elastomeric coupling such as Tire coupling, Rubber coupling, and JAC-Flex coupling. JAC-Flex coupling guarantees easy installation, high flexibility and long service life.

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