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Hydrogen-powered tug is world first, says Antwerp

The Port of Antwerp has ordered the construction of a tug powered by hydrogen, claimed to be the first in the world

The port hopes that shipping operators will pick up on this development
The port hopes that shipping operators will pick up on this development

Hydrotug" is driven by combustion engines that burn hydrogen in combination with diesel. The motors also comply with the strictest NTMM standard, EU Stage V, making them the lowest-rated for emissions on the market.

The tug is being built by Compagnie Maritime Belge (CMB), a pioneer in the field of hydrogen power for shipping.

"With this world first Antwerp is making an important step in the transition to a sustainable, CO2-neutral port," said the Port of Antwerp.

"By lending support to this promising technology we hope that the shipping industry will follow. The port is systematically pursuing a policy of making its entire fleet eco-friendly by incorporating the most environment-friendly technologies available on the market."

Hydrotug is the first vessel with output in the 4000 kW class to be powered by hydrogen-diesel dual fuel.

The combination of this dual-fuel technology with a state-of-the-art particle filter and catalyser designed to meet the very highest standards will ensure that the Hydrotug is ultra-low-emission. Combustion of hydrogen does not emit any CO2, and the particle filter combined with the catalyser will result in minimal emissions of NOx and particulates.

Construction is due to begin shortly and the Hydrotug is expected to be operational within two years. This innovation is part of an integral greening program of the own fleet, whereby systematic efforts are made to integrate the most environmentally friendly technologies available.

CMB has teamed up with Ghent-based engine builder ABC to set up the BeHydro joint venture with the aim of further developing the technology for medium-speed engines with higher power output.

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