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Konecranes wins Yilport Tàranto project

Yilport Holding has selected Konecranes to refurbish and bring back into service 23 cranes as part of its plan to create a new and important Mediterranean shipping hub at the port of Tàranto

In November 2018 Yilport won a 49-year concession from the Italian authorities, starting from 2019. The Turkish company plans to use the port’s central location to create a thriving Mediterranean hub, supporting its broader ambition to become one of the top 10 container terminal operators in the world.

He says of the deal with Konecranes: “We have strong ambitions in the Mediterranean. The opportunities presented by Tàranto port require tremendous focus and we are pleased to have Konecranes on board. We look forward to having the port back in full operation by the end of 2020, with more exciting reinvestment plans to follow.”

The contract with Konecranes includes the recommissioning of seven STS cranes and 16 RMGs that are currently inactive. Konecranes will begin the project this month, aiming to first move the seven STS cranes 100m down the quay so they can start operations. Several of the RMGs will also be recommissioned in the first half of 2020, and the remaining RMGs will be brought online by the end of 2020.

Terminal San Cataldo should be fully operational by the end of this year
Terminal San Cataldo should be fully operational by the end of this year

The agreement supports Konecranes’ strategy to become the premier port services provider to brownfield terminal developments. Konecranes continues to grow its aftermarket port services and product range, including turnkey projects on any brand of crane.

It is understood that Yilport issued a private tender for this project and it is almost certain that Kalmar would have bid on it, and possibly also ZPMC.

No information is available on the value of the contract, but Konecranes has an inbuilt advantage in that, through its acquisition of Terex MHPS, it owns the IPR and references of the former Fantuzzi-Reggiane group, which built all the cranes at Tàranto. Going way back to the original split of the former Preussag Noell business lines between Fantuzzi-Reggiane and the then KCI Konecranes, Konecranes also owns the FLUIDTS system, which could be used to move the STS cranes.

Vicent Lladó, Director, Konecranes, Port Services Mediterranean, who is based in Spain, told WorldCargo News that Konecranes’ port service team in Italy is based around former Fantuzzi Reggiane engineers and technicians, who know the cranes and the local market.

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