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Värtahamnen Port shore power turned on

Ports of Stockholm AB’s new onshore power facilities at the Värtahamnen ferry terminals are claimed to be the most modern, and in wattage-terms the largest, in the Baltic Sea area

Värtahamnen and the adjacent Free Port are in Stockholm city, so clear air is a top priority. Värtahamnen caters for Tallink Silja ferries and has been completely rebuilt within the past few years.

The inauguration of the new onshore power facilities at Värtahamnen took place on Monday, 4 November. Together with Tallink Silja, Ports of Stockholm AB (SHAB) has invested in a range of sustainable solutions to enable more eco-friendly services, and now it is possible for vessels to connect to onshore power at every berth.

A total of SEK47M has been invested in the new power facilities, which have been built according to international standards and are also high voltage.

"Värtahamnen is one of Stockholm’s gateways to the surrounding world, and we need to create a welcoming district where the growth of the city and the port are integrally linked," said Joakim Larsson, Vice Mayor for City Planning.

"I am delighted that vessels can now connect to shore power at the Värtahamnen Port. This provides the prerequisites for greener shipping and a more attractive port, free from unnecessary emissions.”

For many years SHAB has offered environmental rebates to encourage customers to implement environmentally beneficial measures. The rebates focus on reduced emission of air pollutants and provide rewards for vessels that have better environmental performance.

In addition, a grant of SEK1M per vessel is offered to shipping companies that choose to invest in converting their vessels for onshore power connection.

“It is really pleasing that Tallink Silja can now directly connect to shore power at Värtahamnen," said Marcus Risberg, CEO, Tallink Silja Sweden. "We believe that taking away the need to run the engines when in port to supply power to the vessel is a major step towards improved sustainability and well-being. The shore power connections not only allow us to reduce emissions and noise levels when in port, but also mean a much better working environment in the engine room, where it is now completely silent during the day,”

“Our operating policy, based on the greatest potential benefit, is to develop the power connection facilities at our ports. We are continuing with this plan, but have already come far with our onshore power supply at Värtahamnen Port,” said Thomas Andersson, SHAB’s Managing Director.

“The results at Värtahamnen Port are a positive step in the right direction. We are continuing this prioritised work according to our established operating policy to develop onshore power supply at our ports.”

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