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BALTECH is a skilled specialist in the solution of tasks related to reliability assurance of the industrial equipment. BALTECH is a registered trademark. Our conception «Reliability Technologies» is a complex of measures recommended for service maintenance and reliable operation of power and mechanical equipment. BALTECH not only supplies industrial enterprises with portable devices and systems but also carries out service maintenance of the devices and conducts technical maintenance on the customers' premises and technical seminars in our office. Our solutions are used in all industries. Reliability of the power and mechanical equipment is based on the following: vibration monitoring, alignment, balancing, oil and lubricant analysis, geometry measurement, bearing induction heating, bearing quality control and temperature control


Cooperation with our company provides you with the whole complex of products and services for proactive maintenance of the industrial equipment with a maximum economic benefit. We will instruct you how to analyze and implement the up-to-date maintenance forms.




Baltech Vibration Analysis

BALTECH Vibration Analysis

The vibration meters are designed to perform periodic measurements of an overall vibration (vibration velocity, vibration acceleration, vibration displacement) according to the standard ISO: 10816. The vibration meter is a small-size, simple and easy to use device with a built-in vibration sensor.

BALTECH Balancing​

BALTECH Balancing

The shaft balancing should be performed for all the cylindrical and symmetrical about the axis rotation parts and rotors. BALTECH produces the balancing device BALTECH VP-3470 to perform the dynamic balancing of rotors in their own bearings.

BALTECH Alignment​

BALTECH Alignment

BALTECH has developed and manufacturers inexpensive, simple and efficient electronic and mechanical alignment systems BALTECH SA «ShaftAlignment» Series, that allow to perform horizontal and vertical shaft alignment. All our alignment systems allow to perform the alignment with two methods: dial indicator method and radiaxial method.


BALTECH Oil And Lubricant Analysis

BALTECH offers you a portable oil analyzer to perform non-destructive testing, since a machine working life depends on the lubricant condition.

BALTECH Temperature Control​

BALTECH Temperature Control

BALTECH produces the pyrometers BALTECH ThermaLine Series for non-contact temperature control and infrared cameras BALTECH ThermaRed Series for analysis of thermal fields.

BALTECH Check Of Rolling Element Bearings

BALTECH Check Of Rolling Element Bearings

BALTECH manufacturers the bearing checking stands BALTECH BCM,Series that make it possible to check rolling element bearings, new and used, before their installation.

BALTECH Geometry Measurement​

BALTECH Geometry Measurement

BALTECH offers the state-of-the-art precise laser geometry system BALTECH LL that enables to carry out any tasks on the geometry measurement of the industrial equipment.



To ensure qualitative mounting of rolling element bearings, gearwheels and other parts it is necessary to use a special tool kit that allows to avoid damage of bearings, gearwheels and mounting seat.

BALTECH Software

BALTECH Software

Intended for database management and storage of reports on vibration analysis, alignment, balancing and thermography. 

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