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When you do finally find what you need, you're often hit with high prices and limited options.

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Buy Smarter. Source Better. Save More

Be Your Procurement Team to Unlock Unbeatable Savings

Discover Your Best Deals with Tailored Procurement Solutions & Save Time and Money - All Without Adding Overhead Costs!
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Think Global, 
Compare Local.

Whatever, wherever you want to source, we support you locally.

Get the Best Price,
Every Time.

We source vendors from multiple channels so you only get the best.

Source Smarter, 
Save More. 

We make every procurement hassle-free with our streamlined process.

Because you've been spending endless hours searching for the right one. 

But without the knowledge and experience in sourcing and procuring, you might not even be aware whether the product is coming from a reliable source and at a fair price.

Struggle to Balance Price and Quality

You feel overwhelmed trying to find industrial parts that balance price and quality. You don't want to compromise quality but must keep costs low.

Overspending on Unnecessary Items

Also, you feel frustrated when realizing you overspent and wasted valuable resources on unnecessary items.

Lack of Authenticity & Genuineness

You might feel uncertain and wary about procuring a part of questionable quality and authenticity, risking the success of your project.

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Outsource Your Procurement Jobs for Us

We’ll Help You Find the Right Industrial Product at the Best Price

Get the best pricing and save costs with FirstSolution! Let us be your in-house procurement team or partner and source all your products, materials, and parts. 

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Partners that We Serve

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How We Help You Take Control of Your Procurement

Unlock Competitive Pricing & Streamline Sourcing with Our Expert Procurement Solutions

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Get the Best Prices with Our Comprehensive Sourcing Network

With FirstSolution, you don't have to worry about sourcing for your business. We'll do the work for you and source from all channels (OEM/ distributors/ resellers), giving you 3 quotes so that you can choose the best deal. So, save costs and time with our procurement service today. 

Get All the Benefits of an In-House Team, Without the Overhead Costs

Having a dedicated procurement team can be expensive, but with FirstSolution, you can have one without having to pay for additional overheads. We guarantee you get the best quotes for your desired products, and you can expect to receive them in as short as 7 days only. 

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Save 5X More on Your Inventory Cost with Our Professional Analysis

To help you reduce your inventory cost, our team will analyze your procurement needs, including annual material spending, inventory management, and purchasing patterns. Our advice will be tailored to ensure that you only procure the necessary quantity of products.

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3 Easy Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Industrial Procurement

Follow the simple steps below to let us do the heavy lifting of sourcing and cost comparisons for you so that you can focus on growing your business.

01. Show Your Interest

You click the button and send us the enquiry to learn more our services. 

02. Schedule A Free Meet Up

Our team will then schedule a non-obligatory sharing session with you. 

03. Get Best Deals in 7 Days 

We get back to you within 7 days with our offer and you start saving big! 

Mechanical Power Transmission
Hydraulic Power Transmissions
Low Voltage Products
Pneumatic Power Transmission
Industrial Automation & Controls
Industrial Sensors
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Partner with FirstSolution Today and Start Saving Costs and Time

Get the right products at the best prices without any additional overheads. Let us handle your procurement needs and help reduce excessive items from your inventory.

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