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DP World Southampton warns on chassis guides

The operator has reissued chassis guidelines in order to help reduce cargo loss and damage to containers

DP World says that there are a small number of trailers used by hauliers that have either a two-prong or four-prong vertical guide fitted at the front of the trailer. These are prone to puncturing the floor of a container. When bulk cargo containers are damaged in this way there is a high risk of partial or total loss of the cargo, resulting in significant delays to the haulier, customer and overall supply chain.

It has therefore reissued guidelines it set in 2015 after discussion with the haulage community and says it reserves the right not to load a container if a haulier has not taken the following precautions.

  • Trailers with two-prong guide attachments - the attachments must be removed from the trailer before collecting or discharging a container from DP World Southampton

  • Trailers with four prong guide attachments - the attachments must be made more visible so that the straddle carrier driver can see them when the container is being loaded, especially at night. It has been recommended that these prongs are painted in a more prominent colour, such as orange or yellow.

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