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Expansion in Rijeka

ICTSI affiliate Adriatic Gate Container Terminal and the Port of Rijeka Authority are embarking on an expansion programme to allow the Croatian port to cater for 20,000 TEU ships

ICTSI says that in close cooperation with the port authority AGCT has drawn up plans for a two-phase dredging scheme with the first phase fully-approved, entailing the dredging of 130m of quay over its Berths 1 and 2. This will facilitate the berthing of vessels with a LOA of up to 400m. The work will be completed by mid-2020, and will provide 438m of berth with a depth alongside of 15m.

Financing for the infrastructure works has been provided by the EU and the port authority, with ICTSI undertaking all the associated necessary investment in quayside and landside handling systems, as well as increased coverage of the terminal’s IT systems.

The second phase foresees additional dredging alongside the 438m of quay to a depth of 16.5m. Once completed, this project will make AGCT the first terminal in the northern Adriatic able to berth vessels of up to 20,000 TEU capacity, with an LOA of up to 400m and beam of 59m.

The investments are aimed at challenging Koper's status as the leading North Adriatic container gate
The investments are aimed at challenging Koper's status as the leading North Adriatic container gate

“We have decided to do this against a background of steady demand but, more importantly, to keep pace with the requirements of our clients in terms of both ship size and a rise in intermodal rail activity,” said Wojciech Szymulewicz, AGCT chief executive officer.

“The capacity expansion will also deliver an overall boost to efficiency levels at the terminal, building upon the strengths we have already established in terms of vessel and truck turnaround as well as intermodal rail connectivity.”

Complementing these initiatives are new post-NPX cranes with an outreach of at least 24 rows, as part of the berth upgrade; new RTGs and prime movers. Total CY capacity will be increased up to 600,000 TEU per year in line with demand.

Work is also now advanced on upgrading AGCT’s on-dock rail terminal to offer an annual capacity of 360,000 TEU per year. The upgraded rail yard will feature two new RMGs over four rail lines. The upgrade will be completed in Q4 2019.

Regular services operated by rail directly from AGCT include cross border services to Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and within Croatia to the capital city of Zagreb. With spare capacity in the rail system and a fully liberalized rail market in operation, providing access to private rail operators, AGCT is very confident that working with its shipping line clients and common user operators will continue to extend its market reach and grow the terminal’s rail market share.

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