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Fuel cell tug for Yokohama

Japanese companies Tokyo Kisen Co Ltd and e5 Lab, Inc have jointly developed the concept design of “e5 Tug,” an electric propulsion harbour tugboat powered by a large-capacity battery and a hydrogen fuel cell

The e5 Tug is fully-electrified and designed to minimise environmental footprint. Its powertrain utilises a large-capacity battery system as the main power source, and a hydrogen fuel cell and generator as the auxiliary power source.

The propulsion system, says Tokyo Kisen Co Ltd, one of Japan’s leading tugboat operators will ensure sufficient bollard pull and the continuous operating time necessary for a harbour tugboat.

The joint project draws on the knowledge and experience of Tokyo Kisen as a tugboat operator, while e5 Lab is responsible for concept planning and development, design and project management. e5 Lab is backed by Asahi Tanker Co, Ltd, Exeno Yamamizu Corporation, Mitsui OSK Lines Ltd and Mitsubishi Corporation.

"We will proceed with the project by seeking advice from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, ClassNK, and others for regulatory compliance," say the parties. "After the final investment decision, we aim to launch the tug for commercial operations at Yokohama Port and Kawasaki Port in 2022."

The e5 tug "outline" for the port of Yokohama and Kawasaki is based on a 2 x 1500 kW azimuth thruster. Towing power is 50 tons and service speed is 14 knots.

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