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Grimaldi takes control of AutoTerminal Gioia Tauro

Grimaldi Group’s Automar SpA now has majority control of the automobile terminal in the Calabrian port. It will be renamed AutoMar Gioia Tauro SpA

The Gioia Tauro car storage and handling terminal was founded in 1999 by BLG Logistics group. In 2016 Automar SpA acquired 50% of the shares, putting the terminal within scope of the car carrier connections of Grimaldi Group. Now BLG has exited the terminal completely.

AutoMar Gioia Tauro currently covers an area of ​​320.000 m2, with a storage capacity of approximately 18,000 vehicles. It features a 2,400 m2 PDI centre and three railway sidings.

Automar was originally set up in 1974 as the Italian branch of Walon France. Since 1996, it has been co-owned by Bertani SpA, Grimaldi Group SpA and Mercurio SpA.

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