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More crane orders for HHMC

HHMC has landed an order for STS cranes and RTGs from QTerminals in Qatar.

HHMC cranes supplied earlier to the Tripoli Port Authority in Lebanon.
HHMC cranes supplied earlier to the Tripoli Port Authority in Lebanon.

China’s Qingdao Haixi Heavy-Duty Machinery Co., Ltd. (HHMC) has announced that it has signed a contract with QTerminals (a joint venture established by Mwani Qatar and Milaha) for three STS cranes and 12 RTGs.

The STS cranes are very large, with an outreach of 68m and a lifting capacity of 80t. The RTGs are 40t machines. The order, said the company, marks “another great achievement of HHMC in actively integrating into the Belt and Road Initiative and vigorously promoting international operation. It is a significant milestone for the market exploitation and development of HHMC in the Middle East”.

The contract was awarded after a three-month international tender process, which included “site visits, technical exchanges and product visits”. These included Rizhao Port in China, where HHMC has delivered and installed automated cantilever RMGs. “After comprehensive evaluation of the technical, manufacturing and service capabilities and economic benefits of various manufacturers, HHMC was finally selected as the equipment supplier,” the company said.

For QTerminals, the new cranes are an important step in its vision to see Hamad become the largest greenfield port in the world, as part of Qatar’s “2030 National Vision”. US$7.4 billion has been invested in Hamad Port, which was built in 2010 and started operation in 2017.

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