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New Equipment for Ashdod

An new STS crane, reachstackers and forklifts have arrived at Ashdod, Israel.

The Ashdod Port Company claims it now has the largest STS crane in Israel with the arrival of a new ZPMC unit with an outreach of 66m, sufficient for a 23-row vessel. The crane, which arrived last month, cost around €9.5M. The port operator said it has an option for further 9 cranes.

Features of the 65t ZPMC STS crane, which arrived on the Zhenhua 23, include optional “semi-automatic” operation, an OCR system to capture container numbers, and a chassis positioning system.

Orna Hozman Bechor, chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the Ashdod Port Company, said that “The introduction of the largest STS crane in Israeli ports puts Ashdod Port at the forefront of operations and technology, and will enable the company to continue providing the most advanced solution currently available in the field of marine cargo in Israel, with considerable improvement to the Port’s output.”

Some of the new reachstackers feature support jacks (Pictures by Pavel Tolchinski)
Some of the new reachstackers feature support jacks (Pictures by Pavel Tolchinski)

In the yard Ashdod Port Company has taken delivery of eight new FLTs and seven reachstackers from Kalmar. The eight 16t FLTs will replace an existing fleet of 12t machines and are equipped with fire suppression systems.

About half of the existing reachstacker fleet is also being replaced with new 45t Kalmar machines, some of which are fitted with jacks (as pictured). The reachstackers will also have a container weighing system, which will be connected to the port’s TOS,

The port reports each reachstacker cost €450,000 and each 16t FLT €200,000

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