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New STS container cranes arrive at CTB, Hamburg

Hamburger Hafen- und Logistik AG (HHLA) received three new ZPMC container cranes with a waterside outreach of 71.6m at Container Terminal Burchardkai (CTB) on 5 November

The three ZPMC cranes, which have a waterside outreach of 71.6m, a lift height above rail of 49.6m and a rail span of 35m, arrived at the temporary berth at Athabaskakai on board ZHEN HUA 27. Their final destination is CTB Berth 6 in the Waltershofer Hafen.

The new cranes will replace three smaller units at CTB, which have already been dismantled. Under the same order, two more cranes will be delivered by ZPMC in Q1 2020. WorldCargo News does not know if they, too, are replacements, although HHLA says: "After the new handling equipment has gradually built up operations, HHLA will have an additional mega-ship berth at Burchardkai."

The new cranes arriving on ZHEN HUA 27. (Photo: HHLA/Dietmar Hasenpusch)
The new cranes arriving on ZHEN HUA 27. (Photo: HHLA/Dietmar Hasenpusch)

HHLA’s Executive Board member Jens Hansen said: “By investing in five new container gantry cranes and creating another mega-ship berth, we are providing our customers with additional capacities and greater flexibility in handling ultra large container vessels with a capacity of more than 23,000 TEU."

Last year, the number of calls at the Port of Hamburg by ships with a nominal intake in the 18,000-22,000 TEU range increased by 47% to 150. The trend is continuing - in H1 2019, the number grew by almost 40.

According to HHLA, "the booms of the new cranes are almost 80m long and can reach across 26 rows…[and the cranes] each weigh 2,480 tonnes."

As with previous cranes from ZPMC for CTB, these are twin hoist cranes, and each hoist has separating centre twin-20 spreaders - believed to be (again) Stinis Long-Twins. According to information supplied b y ZPMC for WorldCargo News’ July 2019 crane survey (p16), each hoist has a SWL of 65 tonnes under spreader (in twin 20 mode). If both hoists are in action, the combined SWL is derated by 5 tonnes to 125 tonnes.

HHLA plans to invest €1B throughout the group by 2022, of which around €450M will be spent on container handling.

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