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Warehouse Solution | MRO Solutions
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Apart from being a service provider for MRO Solution, FPG also supply products to companies that would ease their warehouse operation and function at a higher efficiency.
First Wrap | Warehoue Solutions | SG

First Wrap is a film wrap applicator that makes wrapping boxes on pallets or crates easier while reducing wastage of up to 75%.

First Wrap
Makinex Distributor SG | Warehouse Solution | Singapore

Makinex Powered Hand Truck can reduce the effort needed in loading and unloading objects in warehouse. It can lift object up to 140 KG and its multi-attachment allows for versatility.

Maxiton Electric Pallet Jack Singapore Distributor
Maxiton Electric Pallet Jack SG Distributor

New Lead Maxiton's CBDN Electric Pallet Jack / Truck with platform allows operators to stand on the platform while moving loads across distances. Its simple design makes it easy for workers to use without sacrificing it’s functionality. It allows loads to be carrying on flat ground, upslope and downslope, which increases productivity. With a wide standing platform and Guard rails (upon request), workers can now work safely while being efficient.

Maxiton Electric Pallet Jack
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