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Puerto Aguaduluce in the Port of Buenaventura has received a call from CMA CGM’s 13,392 TEU APL ESPLANADE

Measuring 369m long and 51m wide, APL ESPLANADE is the largest ship to date to call at any Colombian terminal. Intake is 13,892 TEU.

Last month SPIA hosted a call by MSC FAITH, which as an intake of 14,436 TEU and is 366m long.

“Shipping companies continue to build larger and larger capacity vessels, and receiving this type of vessel is an honour and a great responsibility," said Miguel Abisambra, general manager of Sociedad Puerto Industrial de Aguadulce SA (SPIA), the ICTSI/PSA International operator.

"We work under our vision of being a strategic ally of the Colombian economy."

APL ESPLANADE is deployed in CMA CGM’s Asia Central South America (ACSA1) service, which links East Asia with Central and South America.

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The port’s throughput in 2019 was 6% up on the figure for 2018. Together with the other Amerstam ports in the North Sea Canal Area, traffic came to 105 Mt, compared to 101.8 Mt in 2018

Traffic at IJmuiden fell by 7.9% to 17.2 Mt, while Beverwijk and Zaanstad saw volume stabilise at 0.7 Mt and 0.2 Mt respectively.

The record set in the port of Amsterdam proper is primarily attributable to an 18% increase in throughput of energy products, such as coal, to 15.5 Mt, compared to 13.1 Mt in 2018. The increase in coal handling can be attributed to market conditions, which led to strong growth in exports to non-traditional markets such as Asia and the Black Sea region.

This growth is not expected to be structural. The closure of the Amsterdam Hemweg power plant 8 in December resulted in the cancellation of a large coal transaction.

Throughput of oil products rose in 2019 to 50 Mt, compared to 47.4 Mt in 2018, due to favourable conditions in the petrol market, while throughput of chemical products and construction materials rose by 3.4% and 2.4%, respectively.

Agri cargo flow fell by 5% to 7.9 Mt and general cargo fell by 35% compared to 2018, although other dry bulk increased by 6% to 33.6 Mt, and container and ro-ro traffic increased increased by 12% and 17% respectively.

A total of 20-ha of land was leased out in 2019, compared to 43-ha in 2018. Large parcels of land were leased out to Granuband along with the 5.7-ha DC at the Conakryweg. Port of Amsterdam also purchased a further 6-ha lot in HoogTij in 2019, having purchased 10-ha in 2016.

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Grimaldi Group’s Automar SpA now has majority control of the automobile terminal in the Calabrian port. It will be renamed AutoMar Gioia Tauro SpA

The Gioia Tauro car storage and handling terminal was founded in 1999 by BLG Logistics group. In 2016 Automar SpA acquired 50% of the shares, putting the terminal within scope of the car carrier connections of Grimaldi Group. Now BLG has exited the terminal completely.

AutoMar Gioia Tauro currently covers an area of ​​320.000 m2, with a storage capacity of approximately 18,000 vehicles. It features a 2,400 m2 PDI centre and three railway sidings.

Automar was originally set up in 1974 as the Italian branch of Walon France. Since 1996, it has been co-owned by Bertani SpA, Grimaldi Group SpA and Mercurio SpA.

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