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Founded over 50 years ago, Breeze introduced and pioneered worm-drive hose clamps for aircraft, 
automotive, heavy-duty vehicle, and industrial applications. The company is a world leader in Joining Technology™.

Breeze Industrial Products designs and manufactures one of the world’s most comprehensive lines of perforated worm-drive and T-Bolt/V-Band hose clamps. With its highly successful Breeze and Torca brands, Breeze Industrial Products Corporation (BIPC) has won global recognition as a market leader in modern clamping and joining technology. Starting with simple yet highly effective methods for connecting exhaust systems and other components, the company has evolved into a worldwide supplier, providing a broad range of joining and mounting solutions for a variety of clamping applications.

Decades of product development and manufacturing experience have given Breeze a thorough understanding of industry trends and challenges. To achieve its vision of ultimate customer satisfaction, Breeze works closely with customers and suppliers to develop products with superior functional performance, durability, and quality.





Breeze Mini

A lightweight, streamlined hose clamp generally used in small diameter applications, such as air and fuel lines.


Breeze Secure-Seal

High-Performance Industrial Pre-Formed Permanent Hose Clamp System.


Breeze Aerospace and “Mil” Spec Clamps

Military and aerospace clamps that meet federal supply class 4730.

Breeze Jet Quick-Connect Aero-Seal.jpg

Breeze Jet Quick-Connect Aero-Seal

Originally patented for use in aircraft engines, BREEZE Aero-Seal clamps offer industrial strength, vibration-proof, watertight sealing integrity – ideal for countless applications, including rail and transit, roofing, and multiple underground infrastructure projects. Designed to quickly engage – and then stay put until manually released, they offer a safe connection where it’s most important.


Breeze Make-A-Clamp

A maintenance "clamp system" that allows you to make any size 100% stainless steel worm-drive clamp.

breeze fuel injection.jpeg

Breeze Fuel Injection

A small-diameter clamp for automotive fuel injection hoses; approved for all OEM applications.

Breeze T-Bolt.JPG

Breeze T-Bolt

Durable, Corrosion-Resistant 360° Seal

· Provides an even distribution of sealing pressure around the entire hose

· Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions

· Stainless steel construction resists corrosion due to harsh environments

· Available spring allows clamp to expand and contract under extreme temperatures, maintaining an ultra-secure seal at all times


Breeze Constant Torque®

A worm-drive hose clamp that automatically increases or decreases diameter due to changes in temperature.


Breeze Liner

Liner clamps afford maximum protection to soft hoses while providing a true concentric seal.


Breeze Aero-Seal®

The original perforated stainless steel worm-drive clamp for aircraft and industrial applications.


Breeze Power-Seal®

A general purpose automotive and industrial worm-drive hose clamp with arcial perforations for added strength.


Breeze Super-Seal®

BREEZE’s 70-year history of innovation continues with the next generation of constant tension clamps that create a superior seal for fluid handling applications utilizing EPDM or silicone hose. The high-pressure, double-bead profile offers superior leak prevention making it an ideal choice for critical connections in harsh environments including the turbocharger, coolant, and airlines in heavy-duty commercial vehicles, construction, agriculture, aviation and marine.

Breeze V-Band.JPG

Breeze V-Band


Leading the industry for more than 70 years, BREEZE V-band clamps offer fast, securing coupling solutions for connecting flanged joints. Engineered for the highest standards of performance and durability, they are an ideal choice for any exhaust or intake system to reduce assembly cost, save time and offer easy accessibility.

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