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bridon bekaert

We are Bridon-Bekaert The Ropes Group.

We hold over 300 years of specialized experience in steel wire and synthetic ropes and cords solutions, serving thousands of customers globally. 

What makes us unique and valuable to you? It's a variety of elements, including:

The engagement and expertise of our people: our people are at the core of our business, and it is their knowledge, experience and commitment that provide the foundation of our competitive advantage in comparison with our competitors.

Our technology leadership: the combination of rope technology strength and wire technology strength will provide a platform for strong differentiation in the high-end rope markets

Our ability to serve different markets: oil & gas, elevator, surface and underground mining, cranes and industrial, infrastructure, fishing, forestry, …
Our global footprint: with 17 manufacturing locations around the world, we hold strong positions in the US and Europe, Latin America, Canada and Australia, and have huge growth opportunities across Asia

Although we were founded recently, in June 2016, our heritage spans several centuries. It is this heritage, combined with a strong vision, purposeful goals and high impact leadership which makes us the world leader in our field.


bridon bekaert


Bridon Bekaert Oil & Gas.png

Oil and Gas


Offshore Exploration

Offshore Construction

Offshore Production

Bridon Bekaert Crane & Industrial.png

Cranes and Industrial

Port and Maritime Cranes

Construction Cranes

Industrial Cranes

Bridon Bekaert Mining.png


Underground Mining

Surface Mining

Material Handling

Bridon Bekaert Structures.png



Roof Structures

Stayed Masts and Towers

Specialised Structural Projects

Bridon Bekaert Fishing & marine.png

Fishing and Marine

Fishing Ropes


Bridon Bekaert Elevators and Cableways.png

Elevators and Cableways



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