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Dana Incorporated is an American worldwide supplier of drivetrain, sealing, and thermal-management technologies. Founded in 1904 and based in Maumee, Ohio, the company employs nearly 36,000 people in 33 countries on six continents. In 2018, Dana generated sales of $8.1 billion.




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For more than a century, the Spicer name has been built on a legacy of success with trusted drivetrain solutions for cars, commercial vehicles, off-highway machines, military vehicles, and those adapted for high-performance applications. Manufactured in Dana facilities around the world, every Spicer part is designed and produced to the same exacting standards as specified by OE manufacturers, ensuring that vehicles continue to operate at peak performance levels.

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Since 1946, Dana’s GWB brand driveshafts have been recognized as the global standard for technical innovation, quality, and performance for industrial applications. With manufacturing operations in Germany supported by Dana’s global network of R&D, distribution, and aftermarket operations, GWB driveshafts are built on a deep, long-term understanding of applications in the steel, rail, marine, paper, and recycling industries.

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Main components of the PTO shaft

1. Flange driver

2. Spigot cross completely 
3. Spigot pin 
4. Tube 
5. Hub sleeve 
6. Shaft driver 
7. Sealing sleeve complete

1a. Flange driver for series 390 (friction fit) 
1b. Flange driver for series 392/393 (form fit with cross wedge)
2. Spigots complete 
3. Spigot pin 
4. Pipe 
5. Spigot pin with hub sleeve

6. Spigot

7. Sealing sleeve complete

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