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FirstWrap® by FPG is an ergonomic stretch film wrapping system that helps you hand-wrap your pallets quickly and easily with the highest quality.


•Light & simple to use

•Fast yet secure wrapping

•Consistent wrap quality

•Safe & ergonomic

•Saves cost


Manufactured in the Netherlands, the FirstWrap® system is designed and developed using the latest technology, placing ergonomics and performance as its core focus.

Hand-wrap your pallets with increased ease, efficiency, consistency, and quality while saving as much as 75%* of the film compared to standard usage!

*based on multiple trials by clients





Ergonomic Wrapping

  • Look and walk forward (prevents workplace accidents)

  • No bending (prevents strain and injury)

  • Occupies only one hand (another hand free to work on other areas in placing cornet boards, holding arranged goods in place, etc.)

  • Uses only half the usual physical strength to achieve double load stability (tested and proven!)

One Roll, More Pallets

  • Up to 75% less in weight compared to conventional films

  • Longer than conventional rolls

  • Decreased cost per wrapped pallet

  • 1 pallet full of FirstWrap® high-performance film allows you to wrap as much as 4200 pallets!

High Performance Film

  • Made of multi layer film

  • WFE (With Folded Edge)

  • High puncture resistance

  • Best load retention

  • One side cling

  • No noise

  • Practice Performance Index up to 4 times better than conventional films

Firstwrap Dispenser

High Quality Dispenser

  • Lightweight (<2kg)

  • Made of durable fiber-reinforced plastic with 2-year warranty (base plate  is made of PA6 with 20% glass fiber reinforcement for increased stiffness, strength, and durability)

  • Easy and firm grip

  • Dispenser can stand

  • Easy film reloading

  • Adjustable second stretch

  • Use the roll till the very end

  • Optional magnets to hang the dispenser

  • Instruction video guide available via QR Code

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