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peter-paul titze

And what can Peter-Paul Titze do for you?


There is no need for you to look any further for a solution to your sensor detection and automation problems. Titze has the right configuration to suit your specific needs.

We specialize in providing individual solutions for all sectors of the manufacturing and processing industry, often when the problems are really tricky … and time and again under working conditions which have proved simply too hard for others to handle.


We have a huge pool of experience on which we can draw. So when it comes to high-performance sensors and periphery equipment, we are the first choice.


peter-paul titze


peter-paul titze Sensors from the RadarRanger® series.jpg

Sensors from the RadarRanger® series: Data, facts, features for use.

Sensors from the RadarRanger® series detect objects at distances of up to 100 m.


The adjustment of the particular range needed is carried out in 1 metre steps. This value corresponds to the resolution of RadarRanger®. Depending on the model, the sensors can detect either moving or stationary objects, or both.


The systems report the detection of objects via open collector outlets, which are allocated to a 5-pole standard RSF4 connection. Each sensor has three of these outlets. These transmit commands to stop and slow down, for example, and other commands for deceleration. In addition, the specific values needed are preprogrammed to suit the intended use.


Collision protection sensors from the RadarRanger® series are available with a wide variety of transmission frequencies, and take into account the different national and regional frequency ranges authorised for use throughout the world. They thereby fulfil not only the general international standard but also special requirements in the countries and regions of Great Britain, France, USA, and Canada.


Key features:

•Wide ranges

•Unsusceptible to environmental influences

•Wide operating temperature range

•High degree of protection

•Heavy-duty casing

Peter Paul Titze Sensor.jpg

Accessory Programme:

Holders in different designs for sensors from the RadarRanger® series serve to facilitate comfortable installation and fine-tuned adjustment to the on-site situation.

Peter Paul Titze Sensor.jpg

The programming unit for RadarRanger® enables users to adjust the range in accordance with the specific task

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