SCAME PARRE S.p.A., head of the SCAME group, is a manufacturer of components and systems for electrical installations in the civil, services and industrial sector, born and raised in the mountains of the upper Val Seriana, in the Province of Bergamo, Northern Italy.




Reefer Containers Product Range

Scame offers a wide range of specific products for powering refrigerated containers on ships and in ports. The product range includes plugs, sockets and assembled panels in thermoplastic or thermoset material.

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Advance Grip Interlocked Socket

The ADVANCE GRP product line includes a series of

16A, 32A, 63A, 125A interlocked sockets (compliant with

the standards EN60309-4). All the products are made of

thermoset fiberglass-reinforced polyester material to

guarantee outstanding resistance to weather and chemical


Reference standards: EN 60309-4 / EN 60309-1

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Industrial Plugs and Sockets

Plugs, appliance inlets, connectors and socket outlets complying with IEC 60309 Standard specific for the industrial sector

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Domino Enclosures and Omnia Interlocked Sockets