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Turck Banner Singapore Pte Ltd is a Singapore joint venture company owned equally by Hans Turck GmbH and Banner Engineering Corp. Our products are used by manufacturers from automotive to pharmaceuticals, from food & beverages to chemicals, from machine tools to conveyors, from electronics to metals, and by the utility services. Since its establishment, Turck Banner Singapore Pte Ltd has been highly regarded within the industry for innovative products and responsiveness to customer’s needs. Being an integral part of the Turck and Banner worldwide network of subsidiaries and representatives brings great advantages to our customers on many levels.




The global solution for industrial automation

  • Automotive

  • Material Handling

  • Food and Beverage

  • Packing and Traffic

  • Mobile Equipment

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Energy

  • Environmental

  • Chemical Industry

turck banner Sensors.png


turck banner Contectivity.png


turck banner fieldbus technology.png

Fieldbus Technology

turck banner machine safety.png

Machine Safety

turck banner power supplies.png

Power Supplies

turck banner Indication.png


turck banner Lighting and Indication.png

Lighting and Indication

turck banner interface technology.png

Interface Technology

turck banner industrial controls.png

Industrial Controls

turck banner wireless sensor network.png

Wireless Sensor Networks

turck banner vision.png


Lighting and Indicator

Hans Turck

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